New Student Orientation

Welcome to the List Builders Institute.

First things first, we just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for trusting us enough to “enroll” in The List Builders Institute. We 100% believe that as long as you follow this training material, AND TAKE ACTION, you will be successful. Please pay close attention to the “AND TAKE ACTION” part. It is very important that you take action after each lesson.

You are about to learn a few proven business models, that when applied, is just about fail-proof. When you have a list of your own, you are in control of the traffic and you no longer have to worry about Google or any other search engines algorithm updates. You get to choose where you want to send the traffic to and when you want to send it.

Every time you hear people say “The Money Is In The List” they are 100% correct. Having your own list is the key to making a killing online, and here at The List Builders Institute you are going to learn the best techniques to build up a large and responsive list.

More importantly, you are going to learn how to actually make money from that list. The two best ways to make money through your list are through “Email Marketing” and “Solo Ads.” We will cover both of these methods in detail in their respective schools.

However, in this orientation, we want to briefly go over this course as a whole so you can understand how to get the most out of it.

The Main Sections of List Builders Institute

List Builders Institute is broken down into many sections (we call them “Buildings and Locations”). The 3 main School Buildings are:

  • The School of Email List Building
  • Email Marketing School
  • Solo Ad Business School

The School of Email List Building is a REQUIRED course for everyone, and it's also where you will want to start once you are done going through this orientation.

The Email Marketing School and the Solo Ad Business School are the two advanced schools where you will learn how to monetize your list.

Both of these are different business models and we recommend you go through the training of each school to figure out which business model you want to get into. You may find that both business models will be of interest to you.

Yes, you absolutely can do a combination of both business models, but we HIGHLY recommend you stick to just one and focus on that until you are making at least $100/day from that business model. Then, if you would like to expand to the other business model, you are more than welcome to.

The Rest of The Campus

You will notice there are other Buildings and Locations within List Builders Institute. Below I will explain what each one is.

Campus Newspaper

This is the newspaper for List Builders Institute where we will be posting about tips, tricks, and other information we believe you guys should know about. Make sure you check the Campus Newspaper frequently, as we will be publishing new articles, new, tip and tricks in this campus newspaper often.

Student Center

If you are ever lost, this is probably where you want to go. This orientation will be within the student center, along with FAQ's, a link to the Facebook Group and other points of interest to students. This is also where you will have access to the support desk if you have any questions about the training or other areas of the institute.


We are big believers that you should never stop learning. That's why we included this library section. We will be constantly be adding reference material to the library for your benefit.


The theater will be used when we have special events such as webinars. You can access the webinars live through the theater, and you will also be able to view past webinars in the theater section.

Finding The Classrooms

Let's say you enter the “School of Email List Building” building. That will take you directly to your "Home Room", which is usually the welcome page. To access the modules and lessons within the building, you will see a menu at the top of the page. The one labeled Modules will take you to the different modules of the school. The one labeled Lessons will take you to all the lessons in the currently selected module.

Take Action After Each Lesson

Just like with any institute, you don't learn all the material in one class or without doing homework. You go to classes several times throughout the week for a full year before you take your "final exam" to see if you pass the class.

However, you do receive homework throughout the year to keep you on pace and to ensure you are learning as you go. It’s very important that you actually take action after completing each lesson before moving on to the next lesson or module.

Also, don't forget that we will constantly be adding content to the “Campus Newspaper” so, don't forget to check that a few times per week.

That's about it for the orientation! If you have any questions at all feel free to contact us and we will get back to you with a prompt reply.