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LIst Builders Institute - Main Campus Directory

Welcome to the List Builders Institute main campus. This is the directory for all the different campus areas available to students. Take advantage of everything the List Builders Institute has to offer.

If you are a new student, this is the first place you will want to make a stop at. All new students should read the new student orientation before exploring the remainder of the campus. You will also find FAQs, student help and discussion groups in the student center.

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Check in at the campus newspaper every day. You will find news about the campus, email marketing tips, articles, links to off campus information that you should see and more. You will never know what you will find in the campus newspaper.

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This is the main school. You will want to complete all the classes in this school before moving on to the more advanced schools. You will learn all the basics of email list building in this course.

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The Email Marketing School classes cover all the details on how to make money marketing to your list. This approach is based on building relationships with the people on your mailing lists. This type of email marketing is a long term strategy that can make produce a full time income that over time can run on auto pilot.
If you are ready for the fast pace solo ad business lifestyle, this school will help you achieve it. The solo Ad Business School teaches you all you need to know to run and profit from a solo ad business.
When you are not working on the main course classes, you will want to spend time in the library. The library shelfs are full of additional material and courses to help you with your email marketing and solo ad businesses. You will also find the shelfs full of PLR material you can use to build free offers, OTOs and more.

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When we announce a live event, it's held in the theater. Directions on how to join in on a live event will be posted inside the theater.

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