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“Really” Learn Email Marketing and the Solo Ad Business!

We teach you step by step exactly how to make big money from email marketing.

If making $100/day faster than you ever thought possible and then scaling it up into a six figure business sounds like something you are interested in, keep reading! It's NOT really Complicated!

In fact, you have been probably been lied to for A LONG time.

"Guru's" want you to think this whole Internet email marketing thing is tough. Why? Because if it were easy, you wouldn't continue purchasing their products one after another... makes sense if you think about it.

But here's the thing, making a full time income online is NOT complicated at all.

It’s true! Becoming a full time Internet email marketer isn’t complicated at all. When you know the correct formula, it’s actually really easy!

Creating a successful online email marketing business can be simplified into 3 simple steps.

  • Traffic Generation
  • High Converting Squeeze Page
  • Sending Out Emails

If you follow those 3 simple steps, do them the right way, your success is just about guaranteed.

Now here’s the problem. If you are like most people you don’t know how to:

  • Generate traffic at a reasonable price (or even free)
  • Put together a high converting squeeze page
  • Write emails that convert
  • Manage your email marketing business
  • etc...

That’s where List Builders Institute comes in.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a list, if you don’t have money, and if you have zero experience in Internet email marketing. If you can simply follow instructions and take the necessary actions, you can be successful...

Here’s What’s Revealed Inside List Builders Institute:

Getting Started With Email Marketing:

We aren't going to waste any time here. You will start out learning the basics of list building and start building your list. You can't make money without a large, responsive list, so you will have just one focus during this phase, after learning the basics of email list building. That being, building your first email list.

No money to spend on list building? No problem! You will learn some GREAT free traffic generation methods that will get response buyers to join your email lists.

By the end of this phase you should have a list of at least 2,000 and will be ready to move onto the next exciting phase.

Learn the Main Email Marketing Buisiness Models:

This is where the REAL fun starts. By this point, you should have a list of at least 2,000 subscribers. In this phase you will learn two different business models, which are the Solo Ad Business and the Email Marketing Business, both of which can easily bring you to the $100/day mark and beyond quickly.

This is when you will decide which route you want to go. Each business model has a completely different funnel to set up, you will learn exactly how to set up a funnel for each business model to get the most money out of your subscribers.

And yes, you should be making a good amount of money by the end of this phase. If you actually take action with each step you learn. ;)

Learn Traffic Strategies to Build Massive Email Lists:

This is where things start to get really intense. At this point you should already be making money, regardless of which business model you chose. Now you are going to learn even more traffic strategies designed specifically for each business model. Use these traffic strategies wisely and you will experience RAPID growth in both your list size and income.

On top of that, you will learn a few secrets to make you stand out from the crowd. If you apply these tips, it doesn't matter how much competition you have, customers will choose you over anyone else.

Scaling Your New Email Marketing Business to a Six Figure Income:

At this point I can guarantee you one thing... your life is going to be completely different, if you truly took the action steps you are taught. At this point you are going to ask yourself, why you never bothered building a list in the past. You are going to see the power of being able to spend 10 minutes writing an email, pressing the send button, and making over $100 from that one email.

However, most of you are going to want more. A lot more. Hitting the $100/day goal is great, but at this point you will want to scale things up and turn this into a six figure per year business. LIst Builders Institute will show you exactly how to do that.

It doesn't matter which business model you choose, you CAN turn it into a six figure business. And here's the cool part, you will realize you can combine BOTH business models and scale each one to six figures per year... I'll let you do that math on that one ;)

But, It Doesn't End There!

As an enrolled student in the List Builders Institute, you will have access to the following additional campus areas.

Student Center

This is the place to meet with other students, learn more about List Builders Institute and read the FAQs.

Campus Newspaper

You will find news about the campus, email marketing tips, articles, links to off campus information that you should check out and more. You will never know what you will find in the campus newspaper.

Student Newsletter

You will receive the students only newsletter that is full of breaking email marketing articles, news, tips and more. You will want to watch for each and every issue.

Campus Library

When you are not working on the main course classes, you will want to spend time in the library. The library shelfs are full of additional material and courses to help you with your email marketing and solo ad businesses. You will also find the shelfs full of PLR material you can use to build free offers, OTOs and more.

Campus Theater

Most live events are held in the campus theater. Directions on how to join in on a live event will be posted inside the theater before each live event starts.

As you can see, the learning never stops for students of the List Builders Institute!

Before You Set up a Profitable List Building Business, You Also Need the Right Autoresponder, Click Tracker Software, Etc!

This is where most training programs go wrong or fall short. Not only do they teach you terrible methods to build and profit from you list, but they don't tell you the best click trackers, autoresponders etc you should use. They just assume you know what to get and how to use them.

Don't worry, we will help you to select the best click tracker, autoresponder and other tools that are the best and most affordable for you and your new email marketing business.

You will also not be left to learn these important tools on your own. We will show you exactly how to use them and find the information you need to make them work perfectly for your needs.

So How Much Is Student Tuition Going to Cost?

The truth is, what you are about to learn is what many so called “guru coaches” charge their clients $5,000 or more every month to learn, and they don’t even include all the resources included on the List Builders Institute campus.

But don’t worry, we won’t charge you $5,000 dollars per month to access the List Builders Institute campus.

We won’t even charge you half of that which is $2500 dollars per month.

Heck, we won’t even charge you a fraction of that which is $500 dollars per month.

After I tell you what tuition will normally be, keep reading for a special surprise that will only be available for a short period of time.

The regular tuition to attend the List Builders Institute will be $197 per month! BUT READ ON!

Now for a Very Special Surprise!

The List Builders Institute campus still has some construction going on and may be a little noisy at times as new buildings are built on campus. So, while the construction is still going on, we are waiving the student monthly tuition fee! That’s not just until construction is complete. That is forever! So if you enroll now as a student, you will have total access to the entire campus for FREE!

Now how was that for a nice surprise? Let me warn you! If you don’t act fast you will have to pay the normal student tuition of $197 dollars per month. Act NOW to get 100% FREE access!

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